Assessment Task Value Due Date
Reading Quizzes 5% Weeks 1-8
Lab Exercises 5% Each class period
Assignment 1 6% Week 4 (8th April)
Assignment 2 6% Week 9 (18th May)
Data Analysis Practical Exam 15% Week 11 (3rd June)
Project 13% Week 12 (8th June)
Final Exam 50% TBA


Information to complete the assignments is below:

Assignment Due Date Instructions Zipfile
1 2020/04/08 at 5pm instructions zipfile
2 2020/05/18 at 4pm instructions zipfile


Project instructions

There are several ways to do the storyboard: - learnr package that the lecture notes are written in. Example files with css - flexdashboard package, and there is an example here - or a basic shiny app

Past Example projects from ETC1010:

Examples from different web sites:

Exam information

practical exam

Final exams